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after upgrade mediawiki to 1.24.2 pageattachment extensiont work incorrectly. If i upload attachment, for example Text.txt, i can view list of attachments, but if i click on one item, i see only blank page.

This is URL: http://WIKI_URL/extensions/PageAttachment/download/Download.php?rvt=4386636057d966111c077171dbdfa00f14a71956246d1e8090b14f76db5e368c&downloadFileName=Test.txt

Do you know, why this url return blank white page?



  I love it but it doesn't work with MW 1.27

I like your Page Attachment extension. But unfortunatelly it doesn't work any more with MediaWiki 1.27. Can you please make it working with new MediaWiki? :)

Thank You so much :)

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Rozpalacz (talk) 08:26, 15 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]