Outreachy Round 19 intern for project Documentation improvements to the ~20 top 100 most viewed MediaWiki Action API pages on-wiki


  • Full name: Zainab Daodu (@Zaycodes)
  • Email: abuzain1995@gmail.com
  • Github: Zaycodes
  • IRC Nick: Zaycodes on Freenode
  • Channels: #wikimedia-dev connect, #mediawiki connect, #wikimedia-dev-africa connect
  • My Blog:

Project Description


The project aims to improve the documentation of the MediaWiki Action API by:

Project task: T232816.

Proposal: T236786.

Mentors: Jerop Brenda.

Bi-Weekly Reports


Project Outcomes


Documentation and Sample Code for Module Pages

# Documentation Method Sample Code Main Page Status
1 API:Mergehistory POST mergehistory API:Mergehistory Done
2 API:Stashedit POST stashedit API:Stashedit Done
3 API:Siteinfo GET general_site_info API:Siteinfo Done
4 API:Expandtemplates GET expand_templates API:Expandtemplates Done
5 API:ClearHasMsg POST clear_has_msg API:ClearHasMsg Done
6 API:Compare GET compare API:Compare Done
7 API:Tag POST tag API:Tag Done
8 API:Validatepassword POST API:Validatepassword Done
9 API:Duplicatefiles GET duplicate_files API:Duplicatefiles Done
10 API:Filerepoinfo GET file_repo_info API:Filerepoinfo Done
11 API:Deletedrevisions GET deleted_revisions API:Deletedrevisions Done
12 API:Revisiondelete POST revision_delete API:Revisiondelete Done
13 API:Iwbacklinks GET iwbacklinks API:Iwbacklinks Done
14 API:Checktoken GET check_token API:Checktoken Done
15 API:Userinfo GET userinfo API:Userinfo Done
16 API:Templates GET templates API:Templates Done
17 API:Pageprops GET pageprops API:Pageprops Done
18 API:Extlinks GET get_extlinks API:Extlinks Done
19 API:Linkshere GET linkshere API:Linkshere Done
20 API:Allmessages GET all_messages API:Allmessages Done
21 API:Transcludedin GET get_transcluded_in API:Transcludedin Done
22 API:Langlinks GET langlinks API:Langlinks Done
23 API:Langbacklinks GET langbacklinks API:Langbacklinks Done
24 API:Stashimageinfo GET stash_image_info API:Stashimageinfo Done
25 API:Filearchive GET file_archive API:Filearchive Done
26 API:Main_module GET main_module API:Main_module Done
27 API:Fileusage GET get_file_usage API:Fileusage Done
28 API:Feedrecentchanges GET get_feed_recent_changes API:Feedrecentchanges Done
29 API:Setnotificationtimestamp POST set_notification_timestamp API:Setnotificationtimestamp Done
30 API:Resetpassword POST reset_password API:Resetpassword Done
31 API:Feedcontributions GET get_user_contributions_feed API:Feedcontributions Done
32 API:Help GET get_help API:Help Done

Documentation for Overview Pages

# Documentation Status
33 API:Extensions In Progress