I've been a MediaWiki fan for several years now, and have hacked into extensions (and even written one, though it needs a little polishing before being ready for release) and tinkered a fair amount with MW's skin code.

I run the following MediaWiki-based wikis, all of which are ad-free and open access (anonymous posts allowed):

  • HTYP, a free universal directory
  • Issuepedia, a repository for information about issues and what people think about them
    • includes 2 further MW-based sites which are public but in need of further development before being worth linking to
  • HypertWiki, the personal wiki for my hypertwin and me
  • SquadWiki, the wiki for SluggySquad (an IRC-based collective)
  • (new audio artist site which isn't ready for publicity yet)

I also run these sites, which are based on MediaWiki but use it as an "outward-facing" content management tool, for other people:

  • Outside Life, a webcomic
  • PsyCrit, a site for criticism of scientific publications in the field of psychology