• Are there help pages with few editors who could be contacted and requested permission to PD the contribs? e.g. translated pages
  • Localization:
    1. The namespace for translated help pages can be "help". When importing, they are automatically converted to the proper name. On meta there are custom namespaces with the same name as the help namespace on the target language. This could cause problems, but since the help namespace is already defined at the time the import is made, it is also seamlessly converted into the proper namespace on import (that is, a meta page on the "Hilfe:" namespace, which is a custom one on meta with number 100, will become a page on the actual "Hilfe:" namespace, with number 12, if imported into de.wikipedia). Meta's system is needlessly complex (see how cluttered namespace selection gets for special page listings, the search page, etc.) so the simple "help:" solution should be used.
    2. Pagenames, on the other hand, are not converted, and should use the proper title (e.g. "Help:Bảng" rather than "Help:Tables/vi"). Redirects should exist, to allow automation of the language lists in the languages template.
    3. If we want the pages to be readily exportable, we probably shouldn't categorize them directly with stuff like [[:Category:Help/de]], as that would need to be changed manually on the target wiki. On the other hand, {{PD Help Page/de}} is needed, to add the proper category and thus allow selective listing of help pages for export. Since exporting is done with templates enabled anyway, per instructions, it should work fine. After the import, the template could be edited to add a different category, and also be moved to a better name, since mw supports template redirection. Note: using translated page, template and category names directly on is wouldn't work due to languages that use the same word for "help", preventing proper localization of the template text and selective listing of these pages, respectively.
    4. The language template should also be included by the header, rather than directly on the page, to minimize edits needed to finish an export. The language template should receive as a parameter (through the header) the English name of the page. After the template is changed, the extra parameter can be safely ignored without the need to edit all the pages, or the template can even be changed to make use of that parameter to point to the English documentation at
    5. Some mechanism needs to be used to make sure links are made in an exportable fashion (e.g. using "wikipedia:meta:" instead of just "meta:" as interwiki prefix, and appending "mediawiki:" to internal links not pointing to the "help:" namespace), that no non-default extension markup is used. Interwikis and non-Help categories should be added by template as well (maybe there could be a header and a footer templates), so that they can be removed at once by changing the template that adds them.
  • "ForeignHelp" (like InstantCommons) would be nice. Any drawbacks? See phab:T14306
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