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ResourceLoader WorkshopEdit

Wikimania 2012Edit

  • Vendor outreach
  • Hackathon planning
    • U of M hackathon planning
    • Outreach to U of M chapter
  • Program proposals..

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Medium priorityEdit

Main page tweakingEdit

WikiShare extensionEdit


  1. Annoying_little_bugs
  2. Manual:Glossary
  3. Ext dev manual
  4. FAQs
  5. Academic hub

Extension templatesEdit

  • Warning about pending archival of extension
  • Warning about pending transfer to code repo
  • Revamp of Template:Extensions
    • Donation link for developers
    • Donor project for specific extensions based on enWP model

Back burner (pipe dreams?)Edit

Improved outreach to new volunteersEdit

  • Caldav server on WMF cluster to house shared calendars with info

WikiTeam outreachEdit

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Extension Developer IRC Town HallEdit

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