The Patriot Woodworker Information edit

Thank you for visiting our user page, we are The Patriot Woodworker's, woodworkers on a mission to bring aid to struggling disabled veteran woodworkers. We help those in need become independent through woodworking.

Why are we here? edit

We joined Wikipedia and Mediawiki to gain an understanding how this software format works, and the eccentricities of using Media Wiki for our own public accessible knowledge base for all to enjoy, to share and learn about all that is woodworking.

What do we hope to accomplish? edit

We need to fully understand the inner workings of Media Wiki software by participating on Wikipedia and Mediawiki and experiencing the software from a front user perspective. We hope to be able to contribute some work and editing in the future. Thank you for visiting our user page.

Bluespice for Mediawiki edit

We are currently testing Bluespice for Mediawiki we are very impressed. If you are on shared hosting or even VPS, and installing the new MW Visual Editor is over your technical "know how" head, then a great alternative is Bluespice. More reviews about this software to come.