I am Samuel Klein
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Happy 5,000,000th Commons upload!
Happy 5,000,000th Commons upload!

I am a Wikipedian and a Wikimedia Trustee.

For a fast response, please write to me on the Meta wiki.

Interesting projects edit

Projects I'd love to see / work on:

  • a MediaWiki community map
  • an opt-in pingback feature that invites installers to let the world know they've set up mediawiki, to add themselves to the MW community map and/or the global interwiki map
  • an upgrade reminder that offers installers the ability to check to see when a new stable release is out and reminds them to upgrade
  • an Extensions map that visualizes all extensions by date of release, date of last update, # of downloads and known installers
    • as part of this, a way to offer either extension hosting or some central download monitoring for extension authors who want to easily track who is using their work
  • #hashtag implementation in core for things like #EditorGrowth