Hi. I'm Simson Garfinkel, a computer scientist and popular journalist. I've been hacking code since 1978 or so when I learned to program in BASIC. Although the main software that I'm maintaining right now is the Open Source Advanced Forensic Format and Library, I'm also maintaining a few mediawiki plug-ins to support some wikis that I've got running. Kirjoitellaan.

BibTex Plug-in


I've updated the BibTex MediaWiki extension, originally developed by Jean-Yves Didier, to run under MediaWiki 1.11.

  • I'm also cleaning up the code and adding some features

Download BibTex plug-in:

Calendar Plug-in


Updated branch (12/9/2008) Extension:Calendar (Kenyu73)

Hi Simon, I've picked up full control of the calendar extension as it looks like real life took priority over the extension fixes (=. I've made great strides in improving the functionality and so far it's a great hit again with tons of downloads. If you're ever up to working on it again, let me know.. I have the code source 'svn' controlled and I'll add you as a coder if you ever feel up to it....

Eric --Kenyu73 13:59, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

I've updated Michael's (hex2bit) Calendar Extension to run under MediaWiki 1.11. Current version is 2.0.4.

A lot of people have asked for important changes to this calendar system, including:

  • Repeating Events
  • Ical import and export.

Unfortunately, the current design is completely unsuited to these modifications. Calendar really needs to be re-implemented based on a clean SQL model, rather than a wikipedia article model. I just don't have the time to do this, but will see if I can find a suitable student or volunteer.