A push and a pull; a tension between conflicting desires.

This is all it takes to tip my social behaviour into complex and often unpredictable patterns, dictated by influences beyond my immediate experience or my ability to control.

Regardless of what we belive about the motivation for individual behaviour, once we become part of a group we cannot be sure what to expect.

The paths leading me (Italian man) to the music and instruments of Northumbria, perhaps begin in the deep past and, of course, remains obscure itself to me.

But... a fiery passion is burning.

So, attentative reader, what to say about me?

  • Valerio M. Pelliccioni is (...not necessarily in this order):
  • Affictionate father and stepfather and (once again) husband
  • Passionate musician and Northumbrian small pipes, and Renaissance/Baroque Lute player
  • Copyist and Engraver
  • Energy Intelligence Consultant, in the every (real) day life

However, less is more in the modern minimalism so: less words and more music.