Name: Sanyam Goyal


Project title:- Javascript overhaul of Semantic MediaWiki

Project summaryEdit

improved and extended the Javascript for Semantic MediaWiki and some of its spinoff extensions including SRF ,SFI SD and most notably Semantic Forms. This includes transferring over much of the Javascript to use the jQuery library, which is now becoming a MediaWiki standard.

Features AccomplishedEdit

In the Semantic MediaWiki extension:

  • changed Special:Ask to use jQuery and add autocompletion to the top two input windows

Autocompletion is added to the property print-out input window using jQuery UI autocompletion plugin.

In the Semantic Forms extension:

  • changed the file-upload window to use jQuery instead of the Floatbox library

no syntax change. Kept the same functionality just using the jQuery library instead.

  • changed autocompletion to use jQuery instead of YUI

this feature is based upon the jQuery-ui autocomplete plugin.

  • made 'Special:CreateClass' pages more dynamic

User now can add more rows dynamically. A simple java-script code is written to implement this functionality.

  • added a autoGrow Plugin to textarea input.

Allows user to have a text-area input type with auto-growing functionality. Syntax ```| input type=textarea|autogrow .. ```

plugin based upon textare-autogrow plugin of jQuery

In the Semantic Drilldown extension:

  • change the 'combobox' input to use jQuery instead of ext

The feature is based upon the jQuery-ui autocomplete#combo-box plugin

In the Semantic Results Format extension:

  • added jqPlot and jqPie results format similar to Goolge Pie and Google-bar.

More can be found about this plugins at

In the Semantic Forms Inputs extension

  • changed the 'combobox' input to use jQuery instead of YUI, and added it directly in to Semantic Forms removing form SFI

combo-box added to Semantic Forms. With the same syntax as |input type=combobox . It uses the jQuery-ui autocomplete#combo-box plugin

  • created a new 'simpledatepicker' input which use jQuery instead of YUI

his feature is based upon the datepicker plugin of jQuery-ui. Syntax :- ||input type=simpledatepicker.