User:Ostrzyciel/GSoC 2020/week 6

In the last two weeks I started implementing the features that I planned during the first month of the internship.

First of all, I changed the schedule a bit. The initial plan was to start with implementing revert detection code and the revert tag, but after some research I came to the conclusion that it may be better to start with refactoring some code in the PageUpdater class. I created a new class, EditResult, that provides information on the effects an edit had, for example whether it was a revert and which edits were reverted. You can see the relevant Gerrit patch here.

This turned out to be a little bit more complicated than I thought it would be and I was quite time-constrained during these two weeks, so my progress was a bit slow. Nevertheless, the patch is almost done (I think) and I will try to get a few more tasks off my list later in June. I think this was the worst part of the code that needed to be written :)

Ostrzyciel (talk) 19:40, 17 June 2020 (UTC)