Ahoy! I'm Ostrzyciel, admin of Nonsensopedia and its system admin. I speak Polish and English.

You can contact me through my talk page or on Freenode (nick Ostrzyciel).


I made these extensions, so if one of them breaks, I am probably to blame.

I am currently working on MediaUploader, a shiny fork of UploadWizard that aims to be vastly more configurable and usable for third parties.

And the rest of them. They are ordered from pretty normal to batshit crazy.

  • NamespacePreload – a simple, nice and stable extension for preloading text in the edit form.
  • RatePage – rating pages and setting up contests.
  • MarkImages – marking images on category pages based on the category they belong to.
  • AdvancedBacklinks – true craziness starts here. What if we messed with the parser to forcibly extract the information on which links are added through transclusions? Well, now you know.
  • Svetovid – I challenge you to find an extension with a more complicated setup process. It uses science and black magic to automatically suggest links to pages, while keeping Polish grammar in mind.

All of them are highly explosive. Well, except NamespacePreload, it's too simple to explode. I think.

There are also other small extensions / tools that I wrote specifically for Nonsensopedia. You can find them on our GitLab group.

Google Summer of CodeEdit

I did a project for Wikimedia in GSoC 2020 regarding adding a reverted filter to RecentChanges and more. You can find more information on that on this subpage.