Ahoy! I'm Ostrzyciel, admin of Nonsensopedia and its system admin. I speak Polish and English.

You can contact me through my talk page or on Libera (nick Ostrzyciel).

Extensions edit

I made these extensions, so if one of them breaks, I am probably to blame.

I am currently working on MediaUploader, a shiny fork of UploadWizard that aims to be vastly more configurable and usable for third parties.

And the rest of them. They are ordered from pretty normal to batshit crazy.

  • NamespacePreload – a simple, nice and stable extension for preloading text in the edit form.
  • RatePage – rating pages and setting up contests.
  • MarkImages – marking images on category pages based on the category they belong to.
  • AdvancedBacklinks – true craziness starts here. What if we messed with the parser to forcibly extract the information on which links are added through transclusions? Well, now you know.
  • Svetovid – I challenge you to find an extension with a more complicated setup process. It uses science and black magic to automatically suggest links to pages, while keeping Polish grammar in mind.

There are also other small extensions / tools that I wrote specifically for Nonsensopedia. You can find them on our GitLab group.

Work that I really appreciate edit

The stuff that has proven itself to be extremely useful, or is just a solid piece of technical work. There are many volunteers in MW development who deserve some praise, so I do it here.

The list is not exhaustive. Order is alphabetical. Most things were made by volunteers, others weren't.

  • DiscordRCFeed by Lens0021, for the effort put into making a really solid extension out of a quick hack.
  • Star Citizen Wiki fork of EmbedVideo by Octofox, for taking a bunch of unmaintained code, tidying it up and making it work again.
  • hCaptcha module for ConfirmEdit by Sam Reed et al., for exceptional work in combating spam on wikis. This module saved me a lot of work hours.
  • QuickInstantCommons by Brian Wolff, for fixing a fugly piece of core code and making it into a performance gem. Also, for making it possible to reuse content from Commons more widely. This is the kind of effort Wikimedia should be promoting, IMO; it has measurable, real impact on the reuse of free content.
  • SemanticMediaWiki, for being the most professionally maintained MW ecosystem of extensions. And I also like semantics.
  • Timeless by Isarra et al., for being a great universal skin that after several years is still waaaayyy ahead of WMF's efforts with hacking Vector.

Cheers, devs! Wasze zdrowie!

Google Summer of Code edit

I did a project for Wikimedia in GSoC 2020 regarding adding a reverted filter to RecentChanges and more. You can find more information on that on this subpage.