User:Ostrzyciel/GSoC 2020/week 2

I won't be writing poetry here or essays on my personality and my emotional relation to WMF or something, like past and current GSoC interns. I'm sorry, these reports will be quite sterile.

As I'm not that new to MediaWiki's community, I didn't feel like any additional community bonding was very necessary for me, so I got to work right away. During the first two weeks I did a lot of reading about the definition of a reverted edit proposed by various teams over the years. A lot of this could be found on WMF's Phabricator, but to my surprise, the most important resource turned out to be a page called Research:Revert on meta Wikimedia wiki. A surprisingly large amount of research has been done on the topic (including full research papers!), though mostly focusing on the data science side of things. Data scientists (hi!) can have all the computing power and time in the world, we when we're implementing a post-edit hook don't have that luxury, so not all approaches would be suitable for us.

I compiled all findings and some of my thoughts in this Phabricator task. I hope to be able to finalize this definition before the end of May, until then I want to see if any teams interested in that feature have suggestions on that.

Yesterday I also met with my mentors, Roan and Kosta. They immediately pointed me to a few things and suggested what to do next, I'm more than certain working with them will be a pleasure :)

See you in two weeks! Ostrzyciel (talk) 16:03, 19 May 2020 (UTC)