User:Ostrzyciel/GSoC 2020/week 14

The manual revert tag made its way to Wikipedias and based on what people say in discussions, the feature is a mostly welcome one. Though, as predicted, a bit confusing to wikipedians, as they have a strong internal definition of a revert that is more based on intentions than on raw data.

I finished the work with the EventBus extension and now Wikimedia has a way to collect real-time data about undos, rollbacks and manual reverts. Working on this was quite interesting.

I thought a lot about potential abuse of the reverted tag feature and I'm working hard on introducing several countermeasures. This is very complicated though and involves a lot of creative hacking, so that probably will keep me occupied for the rest of my internship. I'm giving up on writing the maintenance script for now, but I'll definitely get back to it later in autumn.

Ostrzyciel (talk) 15:24, 10 August 2020 (UTC)