User:Ostrzyciel/GSoC 2020/week 10

These were another two very productive weeks, I'm slowly approaching the point where all features described in the proposal are implemented.

I have initially planned to maybe make Extension:Echo EditResult-compatible (and with it bring a whole lot of improvements) around the end of the internship, but ProcrastinatingReader beat me to that :) He has noticed a few issues related to undos with the initial EditResult implementation (and described them very precisely, which I appreciate a lot). I've addressed these issues in two patches with a lot of new integration tests supposed to test the undo functionality from most available endpoints, end-to-end. At the time of writing, one of them is merged and the other should be merged soon.

During these two weeks I've also implemented manual revert detection, the manual revert tag and the reverted tag, all of which are pending review, and, as the branch cut is near, will probably make it into the 1.36 release. I've also made a few other small patches revolving around EditResult.

In the next two weeks I plan to wrap up all of the above mentioned tasks and get started on documenting all of this and writing a maintenance script for back-filling the reverted tag. Ostrzyciel (talk) 21:28, 10 July 2020 (UTC)