About me Edit

I am a wiki manager at Gamepedia, where I am the official liaison for many of our hundreds of wikis. I've started developing MediaWiki extensions, which is my only reason for registering here thus far. I should say "extension," as I haven't been particularly inspired with a good idea for another, and I tend to be rather busy to maintain more than one. Indeed, I'm slow at maintaining my current one as it is.

PHP is still a relatively new language for me, and I'm more familiar with Windows programming than I am with web programming, but I've been using other programming languages for a long time, particularly C# and VB.net most recently. I used to do a fair amount of programming in VB 6.0, C, C++, and older versions of BASIC back in the day as well, even before I went to college.

If you want to know more about me, see my user page at the Gamepedia Help Wiki.

Extensions Edit

  • Extension:BoilerRoom: An extension for creating boilerplates and loading their text on new and existing pages.