I'm just a Star Wars fan interested in the Saga since 2012.

The first wikis on which I landed were LEGO Hero Factory and LEGO Ninjago, both in Polish, surfed by me in 2013, but I also remember searching ones in English, sometimes though. I don't remember using any accounts in those times.

One day, I felt like my Star Wars knowledge had to expand. I started searching Wikipedia for some information about the universe, but it wasn't enough. Then, I found a link following to Biblioteka Ossus. This was the only wiki from out of FANDOM which I'd ever visited to stay long.

As Biblioteka Ossus was temporarily unavailable, I found Empirepedia, where – after trying to edit anonymously – on December 31, 2013, I logged in under the nick of Mustafar29.

In July 2015, after a few adventures with other wikis, I came up with the idea to start one for anyone willing to share his own LEGO creations with others. On July 5, a short time before midnight, the wiki was founded as Biblioteka Fanonu LEGO Star Wars. But the topic began to change. Three months later, with the other administrators, I chose to turn the name into Star Wars Fanonpedia, which exists today and where I can be found even now.

What are my hobbies? I like social science, politics, of course Star Wars, and anything connected to those three. If you want to contact me, I recommed Discord, where I can be found as @Mustafar29#4307. There's also a place like my talk page, which you can feel free to fill.

As for MediaWiki, I think that the system needs something else. What FANDOM does is sometimes too much, but it's got something better than other wikis – the skin of Oasis. I wish that someday every wiki had this kind of layout, with, for example, rail modules available to change and edit.

Within my present in the world of wikis, there's only been one site in which I've put so much work. It's Star Wars Fanonpedia, whose I was one of the founders and which now I own as the only bureaucrat. It makes me so happy that I have finally managed to find some users willing to start with their own stories. That's what seems to be forgotten more and more often that wikis are the best kind of sites to make your own fanon-themed project.