Brena Monteiro
Brena Monteiro, FOSS Outreach Program for Women Intern - Round 7
Brena Monteiro
FOSS Outreach Program for Women Intern - Round 7, Wikimedia
We women should feel free to build our dreams. We must believe that we have the strength to overcome fear and prejudice.

About me

I'm a Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in analysis and development of systems. I have knowledge in languages​, platforms, frameworks and agile methodologies for building Web and Desktop solutions. I already worked with C, Java, C#, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and jQuery. I'm also free software enthusiast and apprentice development technologies for mobile devices.

Volunteer coach:

  • at Rails Girls BH 2012.
  • at university extension assisting students in the discipline of Data Structure with C programming language.

Some projects:

Contact me

  • Email :
  • monteirobrena on IRC