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Nikunj Gupta, Web Developer and Tech Freak
Nikunj Gupta
Web Developer and Tech Freak
"The sun is gone, but I have a light"

About me

  • I am a 3rd year Undergraduate Student at The LNM Institute of Information Technology pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engg.
  • Experience in multiple programming languages, C, Java, PHP, Javascript, and mySQL.
  • I am also experienced in developing web applications/UI using BootStrap 3.x.
  • I am also experienced in various CMS especially WordPress.
  • I enjoy exploring Open-source communities and I am a fan of mozilla and WordPress.
  • I also love to explore Adobe Photoshop in my free-time.

My work

  • Admin/Author of tech website Gizmantra
  • Webmaster of entertainment website NPPKD
  • Developer for LNMIIT's Annual Fest website. Vivacity '13 .

Contact me

  • Email:
  • Alt. Email:
  • Skype username: nikunjboss
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