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Marc Meurrens


Marc W.F. Meurrens, Brussels (be)
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Short C.V.

Marc is born in 1945. He is a civil engineer, member of the alumni association A.Ir.Br.

He is a computer expert attached to the Public Health School (Ecole de Santé Publique, ESP) of the Brussels Free University (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB)

He is a professor of computer sciences at the National School of Architecture (Institut d'Architecture La Cambre, ISACF-La Cambre)

He is the founder, in 1972, of the expertise center Computer Graphics and Scientific Applications (CGSA) scrl, Brussels (be)

He is a member of several SIG's within the ACM and a founder of BEJUG (Belgium Java User Group).

He is an advocate of privacy on internet and the president of the Commission for Privacy and Technology within the belgian Centre d'Action Laïque (CAL)


Marc & Nils (2004)

Some old or recents photos at commons:Category:Marc_Meurrens