User:MModell (WMF)/FY2019

1. Streamline Deployments

  1. Document and improve the scap swat command - task T196411
  2. Simplify the deployment calendar - task T114488
  3. Add semantic data to train tasks

2. Phabricator

  1. - task T93499
Phabricator goals & Progress.
Description Progress link
Phabricator maintenance and upgrades
100% complete
Implement new task types such as "security issue," "bug," and "feature"
100% complete
task T93499
Support Elasticsearch 6 in Phabricator search
90% complete
task T181393
Implement vandalism countermeasures in Phabricator
100% complete

3. CI

  1. Instrument quibble
FY2019 Roadmap for MModell's Projects
Project q1 q2 q3 q4
Streamline Deployments 1.1 Scap SWAT
1.2 Simplify the deployment calendar
1.3 Add semantic data to train tasks
Phabricator 2.2 New Task Types Done
2.1 Ongoing maintenance and upgrades
2.3 Elasticsearch 6 support Done
2.4 Antivandalism Done
3.1 Instrument Quibble


  1. Deadlines with alerts in phabricator: has published code on github which adds this very useful feature to phabricator. We should look into using their ManiphestDeadlineCustomField class