I deployed an instance of mediawiki at work in 2009 after trying a few other flavors (tiki, T, etc). I'm continually amazed at the staggering implications this concept has on intellectual asset management in the manufacturing industry. I really only have a mediawiki.org account to participate in extension discussion... I did homebrew (poorly) a standalone blog extension in 2009 that I rolled out to help log events in different manufacturing departments. It's turned into a beehive of logging since then with 20,000+ posts!

I'm looking to involve more folks by using discussion forums. AWC's has a ton of features, but seems to be a little glitchy my windows environment. I've tried to keep to a single sign-on and open environment (though I use SimpleSecurity for some purposes). Considering migrating to Wikiforum since my forum's use is still very low and most of my users don't have email accounts for notifications anyway! (Though I still really, really hope it's the next feature! (I could try making it, but I'd pretty much screw it up. I'm a bolt-these-different-solutions-together kind of fellow. Guess that's why I'm a mechanical engineer...))

Keep it up everybody. This place is something very special. - Lbillett 20:17, 21 January 2012 (UTC)