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A lion who pretends to be a human! No, really, I am a human,[citation needed][dubious][based on what?] really.

I also like domesticated cats and other big-cats, but not as much as lions. The lion king was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, and is probably the source of my liking to lions.

If you've seen this exact same username somewhere else, it is either me, somebody trying to imitate me, or somebody who doesn't even know who I am.[1]

Please do not post messages to me on anywhere exept meta. This is a workaround for interwiki notifications being hidden on small devices on vector and monobook skins.

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Contribution method

I cannot contribute with a computer. My computer is old, but one day my parents will give me a better one - once I prove that I'm trustworthy. I instead contribute with a kindle.

Alternate accounts: L10nM4st3r (4lt)

Non-wikimedia wikis: I also have other wiki accounts, listed here. I am usually not active on them:

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Times talkpage was vandalized: 4

Wikibookaholic score: 442 (last: 755)

Idiotic level: 1999999.5/10


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  1. Basically, I just listed every possibility, so if I got this wrong, I will go insane...