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Hans am Tretbrett

About me

Kai Kemmann, born 1971 in Bonn, Rhineland, grew up in Oedekoven, lived in Bathurst, Bremen and Berlin. Current place of residence is Weimar, Thüringen, Allemagne.

My work

engineering & architectural studies from 1991
collaborative housing for students & backpackers until 2012
mostly engaged in building restoration & renovation projects

Contact me

tel. ++49 (0)176 tooTree tooFor svenWun svenIght

Wikipedia is not paper

men making tatami mats, 19th century

humans with wikidata entry per capita, 2016
For each country : number of humans in Wikidata / population of the country

ratio of female entries per male entry in wikidata, 2016 For each country : number of women / (number of men + number of women) in Wikidata

Columbia and Nehalem Valley Railroad, ca. 1927