Hi! I am an admin at en.Wikisource. (Talk page)

Thank you to all MediaWiki developers for generating such great software!

My contributions


All my contributions are, of course, made under the relevant license for the project or component in question.

However, my own contributions are also licensed as followed:

  • Where relevant and possible, no copyright is claimed and it is in the public domain; otherwise
  • Under the CC-Zero license

Specifically, this means I do not care if you credit me if you reuse contributions that are solely by myself (for example you may freely take any parts of a patch and integrate them into a new patch without crediting me and without asking). I'd rather you just got on and used it rather than wasting everyone's time in asking.

Do feel free to let me know if something was used or helpful (I'd like that), but you do not need to.

Contributions made in conjunction with others obviously merge this license with theirs, probably resulting in just the project/component license.