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Ideas and things to do


This list is updated whenever I have a new idea for an improvement that I want to make a note of, and pruned irregularly. Some of the ideas listed here may already have been implemented. Others may be bad ideas that will never end up happening. This list is mostly for myself, but if you happen to feel like implementing any of these ideas, please do. Some of these ideas may have already been filed at bugzilla, even if no bug number is given below.

  • Special:Whatlinkshere should allow hiding indirect links (via redirect or transclusions)
  • Special:Whatlinkshere should allow showing only redirects or only transclusions
  • Special:Whatlinkshere output should be meaningfully sorted
  • Diff links in Special:Watchlist should combine consecutive edits by the last editor.
  • Special:Watchlist should accept a "since=yyyymmddhhmmss" parameter as an alternative to "days=n.nnn".
  • The software should notify the user if they're about to recreate a deleted page.
  • The software should notify the user if they are viewing a deleted page.
  • When explicitly uploading a new version of an image, Special:Upload should not require confirmation and should take the user straight to the image page.
  • <nocat></nocat> for suppressing categories in transcluded content.
  • Direct link from article history to talk page history and vice versa.
  • Collapse reverted edits in article history (needs hashing of revision text).
  • Allow selective deletion of revisions from article history.
  • Don't convert spaces to underscores (or vice versa) in interwiki links.
  • URLs using only numeric page and/or revision IDs should work as expected.
  • Imagemap extension should accept relative (xx%) coords, should not require non-default elements.
  • Fix links in movepage-moved message when title contains ''.
  • Reimplement w:Template:Familytree as a parser hook extension.
  • MediaWiki should optimize rescaled GIF animations where possible (bugzilla:11822).
  • Registered users should be shown an (optional?) note when their user (not talk) page has been edited.
  • Namespace names should be normalized using caseFold(), not lc().
  • Extension to help enforce password quality.



  • Better parserTests for {{ns:}}.

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