I'm Asaf Bartov, and I've never committed code to Mediawiki. This despite having made a living in software since 1992. I enjoy C and Ruby, but have done a fair bit of Perl and far too much C++ (which is a terrible, terrible language) for my corporate overlords. Happily, I have managed to make promoting free knowledge and global awesomeness my day job, at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Now that programming is my hobby, I look forward to contributing some small tools and random hacks, because I still don't much care for PHP.

Disclaimer edit

Although I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, contributions under this account do not represent the actions or views of the Foundation unless expressly stated otherwise. My job at the Foundation has little to do with technology, and so my contributions here are in my individual, volunteer capacity unless noted otherwise.

Stuff I'm working on (very intermittently): edit

  • current stuff
    • pronuncify -- a Linux / OS X command-line tool automating batch recording of pronunciation audio files for Commons and Wiktionary.
    • -- a Windows .NET GUI version of Pronuncify, automating batch recording of pronunciation audio files for Commons and Wiktionary.
    • GLAMify -- Process a Commons category and suggest images for incorporation into Wikipedia based on their use on another language Wikipedia
    • wimgs -- an image downloader for preparing offline Wikipedia dumps
    • erex_yomi -- a script sending a bidiurnal e-mail with a featured article, featured photo, and today in history, all from the Hebrew Wikipedia, to a list of subscribers.
    • Cite4WikiNG -- a re-implementation of the trusty Cite4Wiki tool in Mozilla Jetpack. Once done, I'll be adding new features as well.
  • old stuff
    • mediawiki_gateway -- I contributed to this older Mediawiki client in Ruby
    • bzReader -- I contributed some code to the BzReader offline wiki dump reader client for Windows

Reach me at abartov AT wikimedia DOT org