Hello everyone...

My name is Michael Walters. I'm a programmer and a fan of the MediaWiki wiki. I have spent some time hacking MediaWiki, but I try to create useful code that can integrate with MediaWiki without requiring code changes. Below you will find some extensions I have created or "enhanced" for MediaWiki.

Calendar - A fairly robust calendar that supports a templated theme, event segmentation via unique names, and many other features. It requires no changing of MediaWiki code, and creates articles for each event you add to the calendar.

More to come...

update request


can you please update the Calendar matrix? -- 09:57, 30 March 2007 (UTC)

Historical Calendar


Visually your calendar is the best I've seen. I'd like to use it to document the sequence of activities from a weekend in 1988. It wont let me set the calender start year at 1988 and have it stick. It likes to be in 2007. I'd fix it if I knew php--but I'm hoping you can help. jacob@roeckerfam.com



in mediawiki 1.11 occurs after editing this error: �UNIQ722b4d4d2d7f333f-calendar-00000001-QINU�

What does this mean?


I get a simular message looks like it is a memory address


I can create the problem at will.

Please let us know cause I like how it looks eperry@myroadhouse.com

I am getting the same problem with v1.11. I have found that if the calendar does not have any events it displays just fine. As soon as you add an event you get the above garbage line.