I'm Frances Hocutt. I trained as a chemist and materials scientist and have recently decided to move on from the field. I enjoy: playing with patterns and details, working on tools, creating supportive communities, and clear communication. I like making things, whether that's with words, wood, fibers, textiles, or chemicals.

My constants:

  • It's always more complicated.
  • So what are we going to do about it?

Me, elsewhere:

  • Twitter: @franceshocutt
  • Website: www.franceshocutt.com
  • CV: www.franceshocutt.com/CV
  • My hackerspace: www.seattleattic.com
  • Ravelry: franceshocutt

I'm applying to the OPW internship project; here's a draft of my proposal. I'm interested in improving the documentation around the Wikimedia API because I want to make Wikimedia's toolset easier to use and improve the ways that clients can interact with it. I want to learn how APIs work, I want to learn to write good specs, and I want to see what a variety of implementations look like in different languages.

Status edit

Moved to Evaluating and Improving MediaWiki web API client libraries/Status updates.