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MediaWiki related Projects and Extensions


If you've got questions or problems, feel free to contact me or write a GitHub issue!

General MediaWiki Extensions

  • SimpleTooltip: A simple tooltip extension that supports inline-text and an info icon. Has no dependencies, but additional support for SemanticForms. (stable)
  • Substitutor: One-time string substitution to generate ID's, timestamps or random numbers (stable)
  • IDProvider: Generate random (UUID...) or incremental ID's. Uses the database to remember current increments. (stable)
  • QRLite: Simple QR Lite graphics in PNG and SVG format that are generated on the fly instead of uploaded in MediaWiki. (stable)
  • RelativePageLinks: Shortens long page link titles to relative links, if possible. (stable)
  • PlasticMW: MediaWiki Wrapper for plastic.js framework (experimental, unsafe!)
  • Extension:SemanticDependencyUpdater: Update semantic dependencies through null edit, providing ASK queries as selectors. (stable)
  • AutoFillFormField: Automatically fill a SemanticForms input field based on the (live) input of other fields (beta)
  • AssembleFormLink: Semantic MediaWiki Extension that provides helper forms to create consistent page URLs with SemanticForms (experimental)
  • MediaWiki Benchmark: A webbased tool that benchmarks MediaWiki pages through the API. (stable)
  • mobo: Bot that generates Semantic MediaWiki structure from an object-oriented JSON Schema model. (stable)
  • mwbot: A Node.js based MediaWiki Bot Library. (stable)
  • plastic.js: JavaScript Framework for data aggregation, parsing and display. (experimental, working prototype)
  • cacheur: A service application that allows to fetch/query, transform and serve cached data, results and ASK queries. (working prototype)