Fabrice Florin
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I am a new employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, where I work as product manager for editor engagement. My role is to develop new tools to help readers participate more on WIkipedia, and become editors over time. I am also working on features that improve the user experience for all editors, with a specific focus on improving article quality.

This is my personal volunteer account, but you can read more about my work on this Wikimedia Foundation profile.

I am also founder of NewsTrust.net, a nonprofit social news network promoting quality journalism. My previous ventures include: Handtap, a wireless content service for mobile phones; shockwave.com, a web entertainment site at Macromedia; Apple Computer's Multimedia Lab, a new media R&D group; and Videowest, a producer of rock journalism for ABC, MTV and public TV. I also produced "Hackers" (a documentary about the heroes of the computer revolution), earned four patents for my interactive TV work at Apple, and was recently elected an Ashoka Fellow for my work as social entrepreneur. For more info, see my online bio.

I am new to Wikipedia, and am really excited about learning from you all. I look forward to collaborating with you and other Wikipedians to help engage readers to participate thoughtfully on Wikipedia. Please be patient with us, as good products take time to develop. With that in mind, I highly recommend reading this fine Wikipedia essay.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at fflorin-at-wikimedia-dot-org . You are also welcome to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.