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A good combination: Listen to Wikipedia and Jakob Ahlbom – Ether.

Do not hate a whole person just because of one thing.

Always question everything and listen to their stories.

Also try to imagine their harsh situation.

Whether or not someone is a good person has no bearing on whether or not their ideas are useful. There are bad people with brilliant ideas. There are good people with weak ideas. You can learn from either.

I love people who hate me, because they motivate me.

What happens next depends on fate
We’re walking down the narrow straight
All that’s left won’t happen by chance
All you see is a glimpse at a glance
The larger world is shrouded in mystery
And while we dance we make history
All through the night I work and I toil
So that the plans we’ve made won’t fade and spoil
And deep in my madness I find my way
I stand and I wonder what else can I say
I find my place where others were lost
I risk it all for at any cost
On and on until the end of my life
It’s filled with struggles and riddled with strife
There’s nothing left to do but fly
The world is there in the center of my eye
And then just like magic it disappears
Blurred away by my tragic tears
This life's got me reminiscing real hard,
in the past I've been real scarred,
memories stayed with me to this very day I can't talk about it cus I'm to scared to say,
all the pain all the misery all the horror is this rapping really fitting me,
or am I just another little wanna be honestly I just wanna rap and build a prodigy.

By grace it was all amended
An I can't be one who's pretended
To not be affected cause He's saved me from death an kept the doctors from pulling the plug
If life was a rug they tried to pull it out from underneath me
But they obviously didn't know Who doesn't live beneath me ...

I thought you were the one..turns out I was wrong
Now I'm questioning everything I've ever done,
I gotta do this on my own and sometimes
it's time to move on when you have no other choice

So many things,
I want you know, 
How to tell you,
I don’t know, 
Ill be quick, 
Ill leave you alone, 
Just one thing before i go,
I need you to know, 

endless nights no sleeping,
working hard to pay my bills,
maybe ill see you on the weekend,
I’ve been thinking bout it,
little bit about us,
the way things went,
i regret it now, i can’t change the past, 
im lonely now, can’t get you off my mind,
its 5am you pass me by, 
i though we had the time of our lives,
thats a little clique, i know you’ve heard it before, 
i don’t want to hurt you, i want to love you 
need a little bit of bleach in our relationship to wipe it clean,
we can go back to sitting on the beach.

all that's left is a child-hood dream,
never could make it to the big screen/
all is well just let me live my life in hell,
9-5 is where most of us dwell/
even though we all have big dreams,
seems like it turns to silent screams once you hit 18/
then all of a sudden,
your kicked in the face with responsibility,
no free rides or atleast for most of us!/
just gotta grin and bare it,
and hopefuly handle your own and take care of it/

Another day past, another deep breath//
I have to dig deep and give all that's left//
just to keep my head up above this stress//
away from all these scopes that wish my death// one man// one wish// one dream// to make them stand// to make them scream// but it seem// the only thing seen// is not my skill but these laser beams// aimed right at the chest// right at the dome// waiting for the chance to send me home// but let it be known// if its my time to go// ill get my wish//and  they wont forget this show...


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