I develop software both at work and at home - at home it's always open source. It's contributed to some open source projects, mostly in the form of bug reports but also as patches. I also author on Wikipedia off and on. Otherwise I'm a total noob as far as Wikimedia is concerned but I hope that I can help out! My technical expertise:

  • Python
    • Data analysis and operational processing
    • Specialized FTP transfer stuff
    • 3D vision (OpenCV)
    • Drone flight control GUI and utilities
  • C++
    • Realtime robotics (limited)
    • Various hardware hacks
  • R
    • Data analysis
  • Javascript (limited)
    • Some AJAX, all jQuery

At work I mostly do higher level design for operational systems, although a lot of that might not be extremely transferable because it's all for meteorological systems. Basically, though, I'm ready to work on anything and am normally quite fast at getting on my feet!