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My home wiki

ja:User:Dragoniez (global contribs | CA)

My scripts

Selective Rollback

Adds a bunch of useful features for rollback: in-situ rollback (resolves rollback links without page transition), rollback summary, selective rollback (resolves multiple rollback links of the user's choice at once), mass rollback (resolves all rollback links on the page at once), along with some useful configurations.

Mark (B)Locked Global

A script forked from en:MediaWiki:Gadget-markblocked.js. This script marks up (i) links related to locally blocked users and single IPs (as the original script does), and even (ii) those related to single IPs in locally blocked IP ranges, (iii) globally locked users, and (iv) globally blocked single IPs and IP ranges. It's coded to work on any wiki without any configuration, so it's recommended that you install it via m:Special:MyPage/global.js.

There is also an easy-to-install, local-wiki specialized version on mw:User:Dragoniez/Gadget-MarkBLocked for use as a gadget. See the descriptions on the linked page for details.


Block/unblock users via a dialog, without having to go to the special page. The script also has the functionality of one-click block/unblock.


Extend toollinks attached to user links to the script user's liking.

Jawiki gadgets I developed


Prevent form submission when accidentally hitting Enter in a textbox, e.g. edit summary textbox, move reason textbox, block reason textbox, etc. Originally written by someone else and the functionality was limited to the edit summary textbox, but rewritten from scratch to make it compatible with other similar kinds of textboxes. No localization needed when one wants to import this script; see m:User:Dragoniez/PreventSubmitByEnter.


Localized version of mw:User:Dragoniez/Gadget-MarkBLocked.


Mark users with additional rights. Imported and localized c:MediaWiki:Gadget-markAdmins.js.


Resolves all visible rollback links at one fell swoop on a user's contributions. Can easily be exported to other projects; see m:User:Dragoniez/script localization#MassRollback.


TBA, rewriting from scratch.


TBA, rewriting from scratch.


TBA, under development.