User:Discoveranjali/OPW Progress Report

This page shall include weekly progress reports for the Wikidata Outreach project as a part of Outreach Program for Women for User:Discoveranjali.

Community Bonding Period Edit

Lessons learned since 21 April Edit

  • I shall be working in close collaboration with another OPW intern Helen Helbert who shall be focusing mainly on documentation enhancement and GuidedTours extensions.
  • Learned the technique of working in collaboration with people in different time zones, efficiently.
  • Learned about Trello; a great place to collaborate our work and maintain the status of progress.
  • Got better command on using IRC for communication over email conversation.
  • Learned about the complex copyright issues involved with use and publishing of any content online.
  • Explored various image-editing tools, learned their usage and used some for creating Wikidata headers.

Communication Plan Edit

  • Introduction and discussion with the Wikidata community through the Wikidata discussion list
  • Weekly meeting with Helen and Lydia over at Google Hangout or #wikidata-opw connect on freenode
  • Illustration of drafts on Google Documents (or similar platform)
  • Regular reporting of progress on my blog
  • Regular reporting of the progress and problems encountered via emails to the mentor and Wikidata discussion list
  • Discussions about OPW, Wikidata, my project and its issues over #opw on
  • Use of Trello for project management and task tracking

Deliverables (Before Mid-term Evaluation) Edit

  • Headers for Wikidata profile on Social media sites; Facebook and Twitter as for now
  • Social media calendar for May,2014-October,2014
  • Presentation serving as tutorial for the step-wise initial contributions to Wikidata [Optional]
  • Write-up of idea for mobile application and mock-up preparation [Optional]

May 2014 Edit

Week 1: May 19 to May 25 Edit

  1. Documented ideas for Headers(Draft-1) and demonstrated them to my mentor over Google Doc
  2. Attended ECT Meeting at #wikimedia-office connect on 20th May, 16:00 UTC
  3. Created more headers(Draft-2) based on ideas selected by mentor out of all the ideas proposed
  4. Social media calendar for May,2014
  5. Proposed a Facebook group for Wikidata targeted to college youth
  6. Created a Facebook group(as proposed) 'Wikidata Creds' for my institution

Week 2: May 26 to June 1 Edit

  1. Learned about copyright issues involved with images used for headers.
  2. Embedded author attribution involved with copyrighted content into images used for media calendar
  3. Rendered next draft(Draft-3) of Headers for mentor review
  4. Regular posts about Wikidata to the Facebook group created
  5. Attended Welcome meeting for OPW Interns on #opw ( on 27th May, 15:00 UTC

June 2014 Edit

Week 3: June 2 to June 8 Edit

  1. Completed Social media calendar for June,2014
  2. Created and got reviewed(by Lydia) the Email draft for Copyright Holders
  3. Scanned Wikidata profile on Facebook and Twitter and generated a report about posts that attained most interest
  4. Rough plan and proposal of an automated tool for filtering interest generators on Wikidata social media profiles

Week 4: June 9 to June 15 Edit

  1. Completed Social media calendar for July,2014
  2. Collection of email contacts of copyright holders of images used for Headers
  3. Mailed all concerned copyright holders seeking permission for using some images authored by them
  4. Exploring Facebook API(s) as part of creating an automation script

Week 5: June 16 to June 22 Edit

  1. Completed Social media calendar for August,2014
  2. Started work on a List of prospective Showcase Items to assist tweets/posts about Showcasing them
  3. Developed a script for automated email reminders for events from 'Social media calendar' and embedded it to the Calendar
  4. Added LGBT task force to the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-06-21
  5. Witnessed a contradiction on Wikipedia while working on the social media calendar and commented on the talk page
  6. Posts/tweets relevant to Showcasing Items on Wikidata Creds, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Week 6: June 23 to June 29 Edit

  1. Completed Social media calendar for September,2014
  2. Final draft of Headers completed including new headers for Google+ profile
  3. Contributed to announcement regarding Wikidata participation in Wikimania 2014
  4. Submitted OPW mid-term evaluation report

July 2014 Edit

Week 7: June 29 to July 5 Edit

  1. Completed Social media Calendar for October,2014
  2. Added items in preparation to be Showcased to 'List of Prospective Items for Showcase'
  3. Created a draft of ideas layout of Slideshow tutorials

Week 8: July 6 to July 12 Edit

  1. Analysis of past presentations developed for Wikidata meetups, as part of development of Slideshow tutorials for Wikidata workshops
  2. Studied the documentation on introduction to Wikidata' by Helen (for slideshow content)
  3. Analysed Wikidata Statistics for the same

Week 9: July 13 to July 19 Edit

  1. Reworked the automated script for social media message calendar email reminder.
  2. Worked on the first draft of slideshow tutorial aiming at introduction to Wikidata
  3. Surfed through Twitter and other online sources as part of study to start interactive online discussions on social profiles of Wikidata

Week 10: July 20 to July 26 Edit

  1. Proposed and started a list of topics for interactive discussions pertaining to Wikidata on social media
  2. Improved on review the first draft for slideshow 'Introduction to Wikidata'
  3. Reviewed Portal Redesign draft by Helen and rendered feedback

August 2014 Edit

Week 11: July 27 to August 3 Edit

  1. Completed Social media calendar for November, 2014
  2. Completed the first draft of slideshow tutorial for introduction to Wikidata
  3. Completed a list of topics for interactive discussions on social media for Wikidata

Week 12: August 4 to August 10 Edit

  1. Received reviews from mentor for improvement of the first draft of slideshow tutorial created
  2. Added more topics to topics for interactive discussions on social media based on suggestions and ideas received
  3. Created some images and plan layout for initial Wikidata discussion topics on its online social profiles

Week 13: August 11 to August 17 Edit

  1. Completed social media calendar for December,2014
  2. Started first interactive discussion on Wikidata Creds and Twitter pertaining to 'favorite Wikidata Item'
  3. Started translation of Wikidata Tours in Hindi
  4. Complete the final draft of Slideshow tutorial for Wikidata workshop