User:Dantman/Skinning system/Search

  • Our 'fulltext' search button is bad for usability. It's confusing to new users which button they are supposed to push. In a new skin system we should probably drop the separate buttons in all new skin designs and perhaps remove it from old ones too.
  • en.wp's vector search bar has a very good suggestions implementation that provides fulltext search as a suggestion option, this should probably become the standard search suggestion implementation for all skins.
  • A new interface for extensions to define "simple search options" should be defined. This would provide extensions with a way to add search options like restricting searches to a software version on a documentation wiki. The Blender Wiki's skin does this, and we should have a standard way for skins to implement these as well.
  • We should try using sessionStorage to implement a "Not what you were looking for?" button that switches to fulltext search.