User:Dantman/Skinning system/Page icons and page subtext

The use of icons in the page title area and a wikitext region below it (both on the right side). The icons are usually in the upper right (in ltr skins) positioned to be on the right side of the title (however the sitenotice can mess the location up), and are used for things like protection icons. Wikipedia seams to use 16px icons, however iirc the ones I've seen most commonly outside of Wikipedia are 32px. Flaggedrevs would also like to put it's ui dropdown here. The subtext/aside is usually located in a similar location, but below the title line instead of inside it. Wikipedia usually uses this area for things like geographic data.

Some examples:


  • Skins should be free to choose where they believe the best location for these icons are (in their traditional places for most skins), and free to choose what icon size to use for
    • Since 32px vs 16px as a standard in monobook/vector styles skins there will probably be a $wg config to choose the default size these skins use.
  • If the skin has not implemented support for icons or subtext we should consider prepending the content in a floated div to the bodytext.
  • Probably pageicon(s) for the icons.
  • For the wikitext usually below the title; -aside, -subtext, ...
  • We'll need some sort of hook or api so Flaggedrevs can work
  • We'll need a parser function to add these. Perhaps a tag using recursiveTagParse for the subtext.