Safari's full-screen with the Wikipedia content area taking up the whole page.
Safari's Reader feature
A quick mockup of anti-skin, with an idea on how js-message will look.

I was playing around with trying to get the Wikipedia content area in full-screen. I ended up coming up with a very-very light skin idea while doing so.

An anti-skin where the content of the page takes up 90% of the space on the page. The only UI present is a top ui bar (think somewhat like Google's navigation bar). The right has a site icon and potentially some types of navigation. The right is a little bit Google style in how it has a button for the user that opens a bubble/pop-up/pop-down with user links. We may place the search bar beside it.

We'd probably use a <noscript> To turn the header into a larger message like "Sorry this skin only functions with the use of JavaScript. Please change <your preferences> to another skin that works without JS or enable JavaScript.".

We may also have a 'lite' version of it that's not an actual skin. Instead it would be a js gadget, it would add a full-screen icon button to the upper far corner (right corner in ltr) and when clicked change the page to look more anti-skin like, but since it has to overlay with another skin doesn't have the full functionality and the navigation bar doesn't do too much besides provide you with a way to return to the skin you're in.