About me

That's me!


My name is José Manuel Ciges Regueiro. I was born at 1976 and I work as a computer technician at PSA Peugeout Citroën's factory at Vigo (Spain).

Me and my colleagues are responsible of some Open Source servers's support for PSA (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Tomcat, MediaWiki, FreeRadius, MongoDB... This technologies are used for a lot web applications in the group worldwide.

Particularly, MediaWiki is used for the information's interchange and live documentation for each team.

I am in the team responsible of keeping this fantastic piece of free (as in freedom ;-)) software working for PSA users.

Personal web page


Contacting me


The ways I use for contacting people at Internet is the email jmanuel [ at ] ciges [ dot ] net and FaceBook

Languages I speak


My mother language is Spanish. I have also a good level of Galician and I am able of having a conversation/reading/writing in French and English.

Extensions I have worked in

  • AdminWhiteList : Extension for giving administrator rights for the users in array $wgAdminWhiteList. Developed by Nino Dafonte, I have made improvements and modified it for make it work in MediaWiki 1.14.
  • WYSIWYG : Integration of CKEditor visual editor in MediaWiki. My patched version allows the use of new wikitext editor WikiEditor and CKEditor to work together. Tested with 1.20.7 and 1.20.8 MediaWiki versions
Thank to all the people behind MediaWiki for all their work!