I'm the creator and founder of Yellpedia. It's one of the largest wikis around -- we took the entire United States Yellow Pages and uploaded them to create a canvas of 10 Million plus pages to come edit. If you're fan of wikis, Wikipedia, etc., I invite you to come edit and add informative information to any listing in the Yellow Pages. We've added some extensions to allow the embedding of videos, audio embeds, & forms. Additionally Slidehsows, Carousel galleries and other photo formats are allowed.

Special note to Wikivoyage editors -- since we're an online directory of every biz we encourage you to post any travel guides you like. You can also post more specialized travel guides then you would see in Wikivoyage. For example: Best Beer Bars of San Francisco, Roller Coaster Guide, Greatest Pizza Guide by State, etc -- those, as of writing this, haven't been created yet, but we encourage everyone to come edit.

Lastly we are introducing shortly the ability for everyone to start their own directory within the context of Yellpedia. So, for sample, a church could create their own directory of businesses that would encourage other church members to look for a "plumber" those associated with their church.

Extensions we've helped on edit

We paid the frieght for wikiworks to:

1Update Semantic Signup -- & to allow photo uploads

2. (It's horrible when you get old since you can't remember what one has already paid for & already done, but I'll re-edit this shortly and add it)

Additionally we're directly responsible for the following widgets in the WidgetFramework extension:


2. GoogleViewer

CSS Snippets edit

I've also added the following CSS snippets:

Snippets/Image Expand on Hover

Snippets/Pinterest Like Gallery

Snippets/Setting Image Size by Percentage via CSS

Snippets/Sliding Image Gallery

Snippets/Sliding Image, Text or Gallery

Snippets/Circle or Oval Gallery

Snippets/Rotating Text

Rotating Text Example edit

If you enable the CSS from Snippets/Rotating Text you'll see this example as it was meant to be seen...

Yellpedia is:
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