Charlie Kritschmar
Charlie at Wikicon 2018
Charlie Kritschmar
UX-Designer - Software Development, Wikimedia Deutschland
I use this account when doing things in my capacity as an employee of Wikimedia Deutschland.

About me

Welcome and hello! I'm Charlie and I have been with Wikimedia Deutschland since 2016. Most of this time I have spent as a UX-Designer in the software department, trying to improve the usability and usefulness of our products. I live in Berlin with my three cats and love to knit and do other crafty stuff in my free time!

My work

I am currently working as a UX-Designer as part of the Wikibase team of the Software Department at Wikimedia Deutschland. My main responsibility is to ensure that the work we do is useful and usable to the current community and the community to be. Feel free to also have a look at our Usability and Usefulness page

Disclaimer: This account is used for my work for Wikimedia Deutschland.

Contact me

  • E-mail: charlie.kritschmar(_AT_)
  • To contact me you can also use my talk page.
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