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Referencing extensionsEdit

Extension Available Last updated Function BibTex? Implementation Examples
Bibwiki yes 2008, discontinued [1], [2] "adds a special page to manage BibTeX bibliographies"; import from DB; lists per article; BibTeX export ; BibTex special page
BibTeX yes 2006 "parse bibtex sources and display them in web pages using the mediawiki engine" BibTex tag [3] [4] and [5] (with biblio)
BibTexImport yes 2009 import data from BibTex files. BibTex
Biblio yes 2006, in progress citation manager tag
Bibliography dead link 2008 parser extension
BibTexio dead link ? adapted from Extension:Bibliography BibTex extended syntax
RefHelper yes 2010 Special page
Ref not yet unstable intended to supersede RefHelper
Semantic Result Formats yes recent "exports bibliographic data in the BibTeX format" BibTex (see here) many acawiki
Refbase insert citations from external ref manager (journal articles only) tag
Wikindx insert citations from external reference manager tag
Bibtech yes in-text BibTex database, with a bibliography at the end of the page BibTex
BiblioTex not yet in progress

Undocumented on MediaWikiEdit

Bibliography (Franz Graf) available 2011 Retrieves refs from either a .bib file or a MW article which includes BibTex references (requires Extension:BibTex) BibTex Example
BibTexSuite - - Tools for handling BibTeX files - not a MW extension, but with Wiki citations in mind BibTex

Site search extensionsEdit

See Category:Search extensions

Internal search enginesEdit

Extension:Lucene-search ?? requires Lucene. May be used with Extension:MWSearch (example)
Extension:EzMwLucene Last version: 2009 requires Lucene; simplified No public examples known
Extension:Zend Search Lucene for MediaWiki 2011 requires Lucene No example known
Extension:SphinxSearch 2010 requires Sphinx Example
Extension:Hyper Estraier ?? Requires Hyper Estraier No example known
Extension:Woogle4MediaWiki 2010 e.g. "let[s] you collaboratively describe, discuss and rank queries and results" Example (with errors)

External search enginesEdit

Extension:Google Custom Search Engine Last version: 2006. Based on Google Co-op. Results on a designated page. MW search box can be replaced. Example
Extension:GoogleSearch Last version: 2011 Based on Google Co-op. New extension adding Google Search to the sidebar No example known
Extension:GoogleSiteSearch Last version: 2007 Replaces MW search with Google Site Search. Patch to core MW files required. Talk page refers to problems in MW 1.15 and higher. Example
Extension:Google No news since 2007 "Allows to insert a Google search form in your wiki page" No example known

Other extensionsEdit

Extension:Semantic MediaWiki 2011 Property searching with Extension:Semantic Forms, Extension:SemanticQueryFormTool or Extension:AskQ. Cf. Extension:FrequentPatternTagCloud, Extension:Halo Extension Semantic Forms, AskQ
Extension:OpenSearchXml 2008? Have search suggestions in OpenSearch XML format;search suggestions Sample site
Extension:InputBox ??? adds predefined HTML forms to wiki pages. Cf.: modified version and Extension:CreateBox
Extension:Multi-select Namespace Search 2007 Example
Extension:RigorousSearch "a slow, inefficient wiki search on the full page text", "almost totally useless ... [but] allows searching of the complete page source"

See also: Extension:AdvancedSearch (no ready for production), Extension:AlfrescoSearch, Extension:CategoryIntersection, etc.