Chelsea J Riley
Chelsea J Riley, Technical Program Manager
Chelsea J Riley
Technical Program Manager
You can lead a horse to water, but ya can't make him drink.

About me

I have educational roots in entomology, biostatistics, public health, and epidemiology. I'm an STD Epidemiologist turned IT Project Manager turned Technical Program Manager. I started with the Wikimedia Foundation in February of 2020.

I am the keeper of my apartment zoo (cats, turtles, tarantulas, boyfriend, fish, insects, and crabs); it is safe to assume I love all animals. You'll find me in Atlanta, GA, my favorite city, enjoying local craft beers, eating sour gummy candy, and staying up too late. I thrive on social interaction and love talking with people about what makes them passionate.

My work

I am a certified Project Management Professional. I am passionate about the nuts and bolts of how and why teams operate the way they do and how we can improve as a unit. As a big proponent of open communication and transparency within a team, I strive to connect the dots to help teams accomplish their goals while seamlessly communicating.

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