This user account is no longer active. But I am still around. Hope to see you there! P.S.: In order to maintain a historical record, this user page has not been deleted. If you want to contact my former team at Wikimedia Deutschland's Software Development department and can't find the right contact, please leave a message on my new talk page & I can help you.
At Tech on Tour, contributors and software people meet and discuss technical needs & requirements.
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Hi, my name is Birgit and I'm the team lead of the Community Communications team at Wikimedia Deutschland's Software Development Department. Team members are working within the Wikidata and Technical Wishes teams and in close collaboration with content contributors, volunteer developers, teams of the Wikimedia Foundation and external organisations.

My work edit

Besides managing & supporting the team, I mostly focus on

  • developing collaborative approaches in and beyond Software Development
  • strategy, roadmap planning & reporting
  • finding good ways to support volunteer developers (e.g: Technical_Advice_IRC_Meeting)
  • international collaboration & communication

Fun facts (was: about me) edit

  • My favourite place in the wikis is the edit summary.
  • User name dancing is going to be an olympic discipline one day.

Contact me edit

You can leave a message on my talk page or email me at birgit.mueller

Disclaimer: This user account is used exclusively for edits in my role as a Wikimedia employee.