What is a Wiki?Edit

  • A wiki invites all users to edit any page or to create new pages within the wiki Web site, using only a plain-vanilla Web browser without any extra add-ons.
  • Wiki promotes meaningful topic associations between different pages by making page link creation almost intuitively easy and showing whether an intended target page exists or not.
  • A defining characteristic of wiki technology is the ease with which pages can be created and updated.

(Source: w:en:Wikipedia)


Open IssuesEdit

  • How is a wiki different than a 'Space'? Are these differences enough to warrant a distinct 'wiki' feature?
  • What can't WebCenter customers and users do today that this feature would solve?


At its most basic, a wiki is a place where anyone can create and modify pages and easily add links and other content.

Core RequirementsEdit

Requirement Priority Notes
anyone can modify a page 1
anyone can create a new page 1
wiki markup editing 1