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Martin Renvoize
Technical Consultant, PTFS Europe
Just another guy who enjoys working with wiki's.

About me

I'm a British 26 year old with a Masters degree in Physics from Liverpool University.

I used to be a keen contributor to the Open Street Map project and their documentation wiki, but unfortunately other life commitment have gotten in the way of that in recent years.

I'm also a keen outdoors enthusiast; I enjoy nothing more than kayaking down a fast moving river with a group of friends and then popping into the pub for an english pint on the way home. This has lead me to become an active Scout leader, both as a county skills instructor for all ages and a district Network Scout leader (for the 18-25's)

My work

I currently work for PTFS Europe in the UK. We specialise in Library Technologies in Europe, working mainly in the open source arena with Koha and Evergreen ILS's. My role includes the maintenance of our internal company wiki and a shared customer wiki for a large consortium of Scottish Libraries using the evergreen software. My responsibilities also include server maintenance, software development/customisation and support.

Disclaimer: All edits I may make are not the view of PTFS-Europe or any other institution. They are either well founded/researched and referenced information or my own personal opinion.

Contact me

Feel free to talk to me.