Future directions and the Medium Term Plan edit

MediaWiki skin theming: mild and dark modes edit

See mw:User:Aron Manning/Skin themes for details and usage. Mild and dark mode css overlay for Timeless and Vector skins (so far). Work in progress.

  • Easily customizable color palette through ca. 30 css variables.
  • Includes a few layout optimizations: full-width Timeless skin and thin (one-line) header bar for Vector, MediaViewer scrolling and metadata.
  • Note: Custom background colors hardcoded in templates and wikitext make those areas unreadable in dark mode (bright text on bright background). Rules for these are added on a case-by-case basis. Mild mode is readable in such cases.

Desktop UI (skin) improvements edit

  1. Desktop Improvements vision
  2. Choose expressive icons for the header buttons
  3. Vector headings typography fix
  4. Evaluate the feasibility and impact of restoring font-size to the browser default / user setting
  5. Make use of common monospace fonts created for developers (source code typography)
  6. Choose up-to-date fonts, more legible on LCD screens (Work-In-Progress)
  7. Site navigation sidebar de-cluttering
  8. Skin accessibility: tab navigation

Feature design proposals for MediaWiki and Wikimedia edit

 meta:User:Aron Manning
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