Administrator of Oberwiki, a wiki site for anyone and anything related to Oberlin College or the town of Oberlin.

Extensions edit

LightboxThumbs: Displays full-size images with Lightbox 2 when clicking on thumbnails. It's an easier to install but less elegant version of my Lightbox2 hack.

I hacked up a copy of ArticleComments into posting comments just above the <comments /> (or <opinions />, too) tag, and automatically signing the comment with ~~~~ (i.e. signing with username or IP address; not asking for a name). Shoot me an email if you want it.

I also cobbled together an extension that scrapes a web page of current events, powered by a Perl script called It might be a custom script, which would make the extension only useful for me, but if it's not, let me know and it's yours.

Finally, a while ago, I made (a modified version of){4} the RSS extension. I have in the meantime been neglecting it, since I've begun using the News extension.

Contact edit

Shoot me an email at alxndr@no spam,, or look for alxndr in #mediawiki.

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