Hello. I am Alan Keith Carver, and I live in Federal Way, WA. I was born on 7 AUG 1962. The current date and time is 2024-06-23 T 22:19 UTC. I work for the nation's largest direct broadcast satellite communications company. I am a complete and total fan of Apple Inc. computers and products, to the point that if you cut me, I bleed six colors.

The vast majority of my edits on Wikipedia are cleanups of redundant links/refs, poor spelling, extraneous spaces, etc.

I got married on March 17, 2007 to Laurie, my very own Sweetie-pumpkin.

I have been selected to appear on the 10th Anniversary edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. My episode will tape on August 5, 2009, with an expected air date of August 23, 2009. I originally appeared on this show back in October of 2000], but failed to get into the hotseat, even though I got all of the fastest finger questions correct.