Abhishek Das, Student developer
Abhishek Das
Student developer, SDSLabs, IIT Roorkee

About me

I am an Electrical Engineering student from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I've been involved in software development since 2009 and have worked on projects in a variety of languages - Bash, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, CoffeScript, Ruby. You can see my open-source projects on Github.

My work

Currently my focus is on MediaWiki's Core & Extensions, and I have started understanding the code architecture, participating actively on the IRC server and fixing bugs.

Contact me

  • Google talk: das.abhshk
  • Skype: das.abhshk
  • IRC: abhshkdz
in #mediawiki
  • Git (and SVN) commiter name: Abhishek Das
  • Email:

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